Riga FC

About the project

Riga FC has been and still is one of our most fun clients. Starting at zero, we created visual identity, PR campaigns, social marketing strategy, all print and display media, business cards, posters, flags, you name it. As well as helping with many more creative solutions.

It is always a great pleasure working with professional and passionate people in their own field.

  • Client:Riga FC
  • Tasks: Branding, Graphic Design, Website, Visual identity



Riga Football club is one of our most diverse clients. Here are some brochures and merchandising items we made to engage visitors and create more interactive environment in the stadium and the events hosted by Riga FC.

Working together, we have done countless improvements not only regarding their online and visual representation, but we have also come up with many conceptual ideas about future marketing campaigns and events in order to engage more people with their brand and product.

Without getting into too much detail on every small detail, here are some of the visuals we have created for Riga Football Club: